This year marks 9 years since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh where over 1100 garment workers lost their life in the collapse of an 8-storey commercial building run by a company that prized profits over people. Leaving thousands more injured, this horrific tragedy was the worst industrial incident to hit the garment industry sparking a struggle for justice and safe working conditions for all garment workers ever since. It was also the prompt to Fashion Revolution's Who Made My Fabric? campaign which calls on everyone to be curious about the stories behind their wardrobe staples. 

Here at Miss Pom Pom we think it imperative to not be complicit in an industry that’s hugely exploitative of both people and planet. As part of our ethos, we strive to know who makes our clothes and be entirely transparent about the sourcing, manufacturing and shipping of each and every piece from our summer and winter collections.

Prior to the pandemic we visited our factories regularly, cementing collaborative relationships with the skilled craftspeople who work so hard transforming our designs into genuine articles. So, without any further a-do, let us introduce you to arguably the most important people in the Miss Pom Pom process…

Sumiran and his family run a small factory in Jaipur, India. Miss Pom Pom is made in their sample room due to our small production. They specialise in cotton and make our printed and organic cotton pieces. We particularly appreciate the time and care put into the printing process, as our designs are meticulously brought to life, by hand, using traditional wooden blocks inscribed with our unique patterns

We love working with Sumiran because he understands sustainable practices and is always willing to help make both Miss Pom Pom and our sister brand, Lowie, more sustainable. This includes the sourcing of GOTS certified organic cotton and the use of AZO-free dyes for the hand block prints that form a signature part of our summer collections.

Our winter knitwear is made from vegan yarns in a small family-run factory in Istanbul, Turkey and is shipped by truck (so fewer carbon emissions than air freight) to the UK. Inspired by the Memphis design movement and a love for knits, Miss Pompom began its' winter journey by incorporating vibrant colours with modern, geometric patterns on big reversible scarves. 

However, if you ever have any further questions or want to know more about how Miss Pom Pom garments are made, please feel free to contact us. We are only too happy to wax lyrical about the very brilliant people who we entrust to bring our designs and patterns to life after they leave our South London studio.

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