SS20 - Miss Pompom x EJF

Natalie Rowland | 21 January, 2020

New conscious separates for SS20! 
Miss Pompom’s first ever clothing collection for summer 2020 is a vibrant mix of graphic pop palettes to bring sunshine to your world.  Easy separates like loose-fit jumpsuits, kaftan dresses, pull on trousers and coverups add to scarves and hair scrunchies for a fun wardrobe re-shift.
With an eye on the planet, Miss Pompom’s conscious collection is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and screen printedby handin India.   
Inspired by the plight of endangered marine animals, their prints pay homage to some of the worlds most vulnerable creatures, for every garment sold, the brandispledging£1to the Environmental Justice Foundation’s Save the Seas campaign. 
Save the Seas 
Why Miss Pompom is giving back! 
Pairing together with the charity Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), Miss Pompom is pledging £1from the sale of everySS20garment sold to their Oceans campaign.  EJF uses investigations and film to uncover environmental and human rights abuses around the globe, protecting people and planet.
Currently in Liberia and Ghana, they’re working with fishing communities to educate them about howretaining healthy fish levels can improve their own situation through conserving ocean health. Turtle defenders, agroup of environmental enthusiasts from a local Ghanaianfootballteam, work together intheir spare time to help protect nesting turtles by patrolling the beaches at night when they’re most at risk of being caught
Through community science monitoring such asgathering data, EJF works with governments tocompose national plans to protect species at riskWorking to combat illegal fishing all over the globe but particularly West Africa and SouthEast Asia has the joint benefit of protecting fish stock and stamping out human rights abuse aboard fishing vessels.
We want to give back and help EJF with their mission to save the seas. Were concerned about the future ofour planet and know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on earth.This season we are using 100% organic cottonin order to minimize our output ofpollutants to the worlds waters.
Round-up of some of the worlds most vulnerable marine animals,
and why they’ve inspired Miss Pompoms prints for 2020 

The Hammerhead shark
is a casualty of overfishing and a demand for their fins, an expensive delicacy.  These unusual creatures have a lateral mouth with a hammer-like shape, seemingly to enhance the animal’s vision.  They are a light grey colour on top with a white underbelly so they can be camouflaged from their prey when seen from below.  Weighing up to 580 kg and up to 6m in length, Hammerhead sharks reproduce up to 40 young but only once a year.  Squid, octopus, crustaceans, stingrays andseagrass are their food of choice, but they have also been known to practice cannibalism. Inspired by their plight,Miss Pompom’s greenand blueHammerhead print mimics a shark’s fin shape.
TheHawksbill Turtles’ shell has inspired Miss Pompom’s vibrant irregular blue and pink turtle print. These turtlesare critically endangeredand found in tropicaland subtropicalwatersin the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. One of their unusual properties is their biofluorescence, glowing or giving off a neon green and red light in certain circumstances. Although hatchlings can be found in major ocean currents, the primary habitat for adults is among coral reefs and lagoons, one of the reasons why coral reefs are so important to the broader ecosystem.
TheGreat Barrier reef is the planet’s largest reef system stretching 2300 kilometres and composed of more than 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands off the coast of North Eastern Australia.  It was deemed a World heritage Site in 1981 and supports a wide diversity of marine life.  In 2016 coral bleaching was widespread and it has been reported that an 800km sectionin the north has died due to rising sea temperatures attributed to global warming.  Miss Pompom’s multicoloured print with a white base and blue spotsmimics the beautiful colours of this spectacular natural phenomenon. 
Yangtze PinkfinlessPorpoise 
Our only river animal to make itas one of Miss Pompom’s print inspiration, China’sYangzte River porpoise is the only freshwater porpoise on the planet.   
They have one of the lightest skeletons by body weight percentage of all mammals and with poor eyesight, theyhave to use echolocation and keen hearing to hunt for food.  A casualty of pollution, habitat destruction and boat accidents, theYangzte Finless porpoise is nowon the endangered Species listandthere are fewer than 1000remaining.  Miss Pompoms pink porpoise print is inspired by the curvy lines and playfulness of this special animal. 

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