Since the start of our colourful scarf journey in 2013 we’ve always used acrylic yarn. Why you ask, especially when we promote ourselves as a sustainable brand? 

We wanted to provide a vegan-friendly product and something for those who are allergic to wool or find it too itchy to wear next to their skin.  The acrylic yarn we use has an enormous colour selection, is extremely soft, and when knitted up into a scarf it has the kind of thickness and 'handfeel' that we wanted.

But sustainability is important to us and we're always trying to be more responsible in our choices. For the past few years we've been sampling a few other yarn options such as organic cottons and recycled materials but none had yet given us the handfeel we wanted. The yarn had to have the right colour (bright colours can be hard to come by in natural yarns) and it had to feel super soft as we know that you customers are discerning. 

We dipped our toe into wool yarns with our simplistic range of wool ribbed beanies and colourblock gloves in 2020. We love the yarn and the colours and so the time was right to try out some scarf samples.  Hoorah! - this year, we got designing and have produced 4 new designs from this lovely natural wool: Green Botanical, Cream Botanical, Argyle and Grey Allsorts.

The Botanical designs take inspiration from Matisse and colourful plant and flower collages and you can probably spot the inspiration for the Argyle scarf on the moodboard above too.

Last but not least, the Allsorts scarf, inspired by our favourite sweets in more of a classic Miss Pompom design has bold shapes in hot coral on a soft grey background.


As we grow as a brand we still hold sustainability close to our heart and have made it a part of our mission to continue to find new ways of making Miss Pompom as eco friendly as possible. We hope you love the new wool scarves!

September 23, 2022 — Poppy Branch-Tarry

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